Event Name

Moshi, Tanzania & Chicago, USA , Fenger High School

Fenger High School
11220 S Wallace St , Chicago IL 60628
April 15 2015 at

The Simple Good and The Disposable Project have come together to unite the meaning of Good across seas through a beautiful photography project implemented with at-risk youth in Moshi, Tanzania and Chicago, Illinois. The project unveils each students' meaning of 'the simple good' and connects the meaning to each other through a powerful Photo Exhibition at Northwestern Law School. 

Participating students in Chicago are from Fenger High School, in Chicago's South Side, through a wonderful partnership with Mikva Challenge

Stay tuned with our students' progress on their journey of discovering 'good' in their worlds...

Partners in this remarkable journey:
The Disposable Project: httpa//the-disposable-project.com/:::http://the-disposable-project.com/
Mikva Challenge: httpsa//www.mikvachallenge.org/:::https://www.mikvachallenge.org/
Northwestern Law

Exhibition Photography by Jon Bennett