Event Name

Auburn Gresham & South Loop , LEARN Hunter Perkins Campus & Bottles and Bottega - South Loop

LEARN Hunter Perkins Campus & Bottles and Bottega - South Loop
1700 W. 83rd St. , Chicago Il 60620
May 31 2013 at

The Simple Good is excited to facilitate an art gallery showcase with 3rd and 4th grade students of Hunter Perkins Charter School in Chicago's South-side in effort to have students discover their own meaning of the simple good.

Within the six weeks, students experience using journaling and drawing to explore and express the meaning of Good in their lives. Through open discussion and group work, students discover how the fundamental meaning of good connects one story to another and connects communities across the world. 

The final project was an acrylic on canvas painting completed by each student. The paintings were exhibited at LEARN Charter School and also in a separate gallery opening at Bottles and Bottega - South Loop. At each gallery opening, students spoke openly to their audience about their work, asked connecting questions to the audience and discovered how to connect with the community on the meaning of good.