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London & Chicago , London - Chicago

London - Chicago
1700 W. 83rd Street, Chicago Il 60620
December 12 2014 at

Our first collaborative international art exchange between artists and youth in Chicago & London!

Top 10 selected adult artists from both cities will be exchanging their meaning of their 'simple good' from their respective cities, forming a basis of their work which will be exhibited in both cities and in turn creating a global conversation of the meaning of good in our city and in our everyday lives. 

In parallel to our adult art exchange, we will be facilitating a youth art exchange between students in Chicago & London. The youth program incorporates inner-city 5th & 6th graders exchanging their meaning of 'the simple good' through art, providing at-risk youth a creative outlet and storytelling platform to a larger audience. We are excited to have LEARN Charter School - Hunter Perkins and South Chicago campuses be our partners in this exchange representing Chicago!

 Final showcases:

OVERHE(a)R(e) Exhibitions: 
December 12th - Chicago Exhibition, Aplomb Gallery
January 9th - London Exhibition, Carnegie Library