Event Name

Cabrini Green , Franklin Fine Arts Center

Franklin Fine Arts Center
225 W. Evergreen Avenue, Chicago IL 60610
May 07 2015 at

We are excited to collaborate with Art on Sedgwick this year to put on an extraordinary art exhibition in the transforming Near North Community in Chicago.

The art showcase features student artists from 5 diverse local schools to discover different perspectives of the simple good through the voices of the youth. Through this powerful exhibition, we bring together students, families, and community members under a single dialogue to encourage unity and peace in our neighborhood.

Within the six weeks, students experience using journaling and drawing to explore and express the meaning of Good in their lives. Through open discussion and group work, students discover how the fundamental meaning of good connects one story to another and connects communities across the world. The final showcase was a wonderful display of art, poetry, music, and dance!