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Auburn Gresham , LEARN Hunter Perkins Campus

LEARN Hunter Perkins Campus
1700 W. 83rd Street, Chicago IL 60620
June 02 2015 at

The Simple Good has facilitated our TSG program with LEARN Charter School - Hunter Perkins Campus for our 3rd year in a row! This year students will focus on using the TSG curriculum to create their own "Simple Good Super Heroes." 

Students will have 6 weeks to create a comic book cover. Each cover will be based on a Simple Good Hero displaying what students believe are their super's simple goods and strengths. The hero will be created in their likeness and word art will be included in the composition based on journaling and discussion on what “good” means, how we see good in ourselves and our environment and how we can use good to strengthen/save/change/inspire others in our community. 

The goal is to have our simple good heroes/students feel empowered through 1) Artistic Creation and 2) Recognizing their intrinsic and extrinsic good can have an effect on their environment. Participants will gain the understanding that ART, in itself, is super powerful (as the TSG website shows) and, when used properly, can be a super power. 

Interested in getting involved? Email Courtney at courtney@thesimplegood.com for volunteer opportunities.