Event Name

Finding the Simple Good - An Art Gallery Showcase

LEARN Hunter Perkins Campus
1700 W. 83rd Street
May 31 2013 6:00, pm

Finding the Simple Good – An Art Gallery Showcase

An art gallery showcase featuring the artwork of LEARN Hunter Perkins Campus 3rd & 4th Grade graders on the meaning of everyday good in their lives.

Friday, May 31, 2013


Chicago, IL, May 20, 2013: The Simple Good, a Chicago-based organization focused on connecting good from around the world through art and discussion, will be hosting yet another thought-provoking event with 3rd and 4th grade students from Chicago’s south-side on Friday, May 31st at 5pm at LEARN Hunter Perkins Charter School Campus. Student paintings will be showcased and each student will tell their story on their meaning of the ‘simple good’ in effort to have students discover and develop their meaning of everyday good.

Participating students have been involved in a 6-week after school art program at LEARN Hunter Perkins which took students through a path of discovering different meanings of good through journaling, drawing and finally a painting which will be featured in the art showcase. LEARN Hunter Perkins Art Teacher, Janay Clyde, along with The Simple Good Team, have worked closely with students to discuss key discussion questions  to help inspire student paintings as well as teach basic art technique to give students a platform to discuss and share the good in their lives.

Paint supplies, canvases and brushes were generously donated to the school by Bottle & Bottega, a local painting studio with locations around Chicago.

Amongst the recent events of increasing violence in Chicago’s South-side communities, The Simple Good hopes to bring to light the good that does occur every day in these areas through the voices of students and connect their stories to individuals outside of the community. The Simple Good’s core value of connecting humans from around the world through the fundamental element of good will be further  evoked Friday night through the first hand stories of good by the students.

When: Friday, May 31st, 2013, 5:00-6:30pm

Where: LEARN Hunter Perkins Campus, 1700 W. 83rd Street, Chicago, IL


 The Simple Good, Chicago-based organization, dedicated to connecting good from around the world through a platform of art and discussion. TSG’s core message of “appreciating the little things” has evoked discussion around the world through artistic media both online and in the community. TSG strives to connect humans around the world through the basic element of good in our lives through public art initiatives.

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More Info: www.thesimplegood/events