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Building Hope in Rwanda

September 12 2016 6:00, pm

Check out our GoFundMe Campaign to learn more about our Building Hope Project today!

Chicago non-profits, Heart of a Thousand Hills and The Simple Good, are coming together to plant 'the simple good' in Rwanda!

With no roof, walls, chalkboard or school supplies, students site outside and circle around each other, in the only classroo they have. Through this initiative, we not only hope to provide an improved educational environment but also plant the seed for hope and healing by introducing art programming to empower the children of Rwanda. 

We are looking to raise $15,000 by August 2016 in order to build a school, provide materials for art programming and implement a mural on the school. 

It is important for us to spread art and positivity to our youth in Rwanda in order to encourage youth to be aware of goodness within themselves and in turn, be able to see the beauty of their environment. 

Your support means the world to us and we cannot do this without you! Please help us spread 'the simple good' in Rwanda by supporting our campaign today!


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